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Approach to Today

“Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.” ~ St. Augustine Advertisements

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Can you help my business?

Last weekend Skye and I had the Ackerman’s over. It just so happens that La Sha is an artist and has an Etsy shop where she has been selling her works since 2008. After lunch we were all sitting around … Continue reading

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A Better Way to Learn

I’ve come to realize in life that you can learn things one of two different ways. One: You can  go through the learning process from the beginning virtually on your own. Researching, experimenting, refining, succeeding, and possibly failing with little … Continue reading

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A Hypocritical Suggestion

I’m an honest person. Some would say to a fault. This post is coming out of my honesty, because what I have to say is extremely SOUND advice. I’ll get to why this is hypocritical of me later. I’ve frequently … Continue reading

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Running from or running to?

As I sat in the waiting room after getting my allergy shots this afternoon the idea for this post hit me. It’s something near and dear to both Skye and me because it has affected SEVERAL very important decisions in … Continue reading

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A Better Way of Business – Intent

So here it is. Another blog to be read. Another person who wants the world to hear his ideas. Another post that may or may not be read by the millions of people who surf the blog world everyday. So … Continue reading

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