Running from or running to?

As I sat in the waiting room after getting my allergy shots this afternoon the idea for this post hit me. It’s something near and dear to both Skye and me because it has affected SEVERAL very important decisions in our recent past.

It’s the concept of “running from” something versus “running to” something.

You experience “running from” something when a situation is SOOO bad that you get away at any cost. You don’t care where you go, you just run and end up anywhere.

You experience “running to” when you realize your current situation is not the best it could be. So you take some time and determine what the best situation would be and then plan on achieving that desired destination. You run to what will be best for you.

When you stop and think you may realize that you have made some very important decisions because you were running from something.

You may find that you started your business because you ran from a horrible job. Now you’re realizing the business you’ve started isn’t much better than what you ran from.

You may find yourself running form your customer complaints and filling your time with busy work. Meanwhile your customers are telling everyone they know that you don’t care about them.

In life you ran from the last relationship you were in because your significant other just didn’t get you. But somehow, you’ve ended up in another relationship that looks exactly the same.

Some of us have run from God and we have no clue why our lives just seem to be on a constant downward spiral.

Each of the above situations happen because we hate our present situation SO BAD we just decide to leave. We have no idea where we’re going and no plan how to get there. We’re just running from the current situation.

However, I’ve found that if we actually sit down and look, REALLY look, at our lives we can usually see what doesn’t fit us. We can be forewarned that the business isn’t a good fit and we’re very non-confrontational. We realize that we continuously place ourselves in destructive relationships. And we recognize God’s sovereignty.

And since we realize these things we can do our best to determine how to correct them and then run towards that new goal. We figure out what business is best for us to start prior to leaving our horrible job. We realize a customer complaint is just an opportunity to improve our business and hopefully build loyalty with that customer. We see what type of person would be best for us and do our best to go about meeting that special someone. And we realize that God loves us and we try to grow closer to Him.

“Running from” something is usually the easiest way out and the quickest way out, but usually doesn’t get us where we want in life.

“Running to” something takes introspection, planning, and time, but will actually help us get where we want in life.

I’ve learned that “running to” is a much better approach to living life to the fullest.


About Ivan Bickett

I want to help people see that there is a better way to conduct business and life. If I can help, let me know.
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6 Responses to Running from or running to?

  1. Kevin Miller says:

    Brother Ivan…this is wisdom. Beautiful. Thanks for speaking your heart…we need you doing so, as we are the beneficiaries!

  2. A Nonny Mouse says:

    Love this! Very well written, and such a needed perspective. Could it be that “running with patience the race set before us” requires the introspection, planning and time you mention? I think so. Awesome post, Ivan! Teach us how to run!

    • Ivan Bickett says:

      Thanks, Michelle! I’m glad you think I did a good job writing. I actually feel it’s a very weak area for me, so your encouragement helps a lot.

      I definitely agree with you. For so long I just blindly ran from one bad situation into another. It hasn’t been until recently that I decided I will start running to things. It makes all the difference.

      Be sure to keep coming back every Tuesday and Thursday for new posts. I also hope to learn how to do audio posts in the near future.

  3. Kevin Gainey says:

    Great reminder Ivan! I’ve been reading a book called “Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger” by Peter Bevelin, and while I don’t agree with everything he says, he discusses how negative situations register in our brain twice as strongly as positive experiences. I think that’s mostly the reason why we have to make the time to be intentional in defining what we’re running to.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Ivan Bickett says:

      I believe it! How many instances can we think of where we received RUDE customer service at a restaurant or out shopping? Several instances pop into my mind as I typed that. But then how many instances can we recall where we thought we received over the top customer service? I only have vague impressions of maybe at one restaurant. I think it was Chili’s. I honestly can’t remember.

      Thanks for stopping by Kevin!

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