Can you help my business?

Last weekend Skye and I had the Ackerman’s over. It just so happens that La Sha is an artist and has an Etsy shop where she has been selling her works since 2008.

After lunch we were all sitting around and I was asked about my business idea, A Better Way of Business. We had a fun discussion about how I want to help small businesses see that there is a better way of conducting business.

La Sha asked what I thought was an EXCELLENT question. She said, “How could you help my business if you don’t know anything about it?” By that, La Sha was wanting to know how I could possibly help her improve her business if I don’t know the SPECIFICS of selling art, or creating art, or marketing art, or much of anything directly related to art as a whole.

I smiled because I had actually been thinking about that VERY topic earlier in the week. Mainly because I know myself and I KNOW that if I don’t feel confident in my ability I will be WORTHLESS when trying to help someone else. So what do I know about an art studio, or a car parts store, or a chiropractor’s office, or any other of a thousand different fields of business???

That’s just it. That’s what I know. Business. Working as an accountant I get to see a VERY wide range of areas in any businesses that I work in. I see where the money comes from and I see where the money goes to. More and more, I not only see that, but I must also explain why there are variances, so I must know what’s considered normal and then be able to provide an explanation for anything outside of the “norm”.

This means that I need to know what’s going on with sales, as well as what’s happening with production. I see how personnel are being paid and the benefits they receive, as well as which vendors are being used and what they are providing.

What this boils down to is simply this. Business principles are the same from one business to the next. Right now, I can take my knowledge of these principles and help make sure they are being applied in any number of businesses. As an outsider I can apply distant, impartial eyes to see what is actually happening in your business verses what you believe you’re doing in your business.

I do not profess to know the most intimate details of your specific field, but what I do state is that business principles are the same from one field to the next. And I can help make sure that you and your business are implementing and following them.


Here’s a link to La Sha’s Etsy shop: loveaboveall


About Ivan Bickett

I want to help people see that there is a better way to conduct business and life. If I can help, let me know.
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