Big news

So I decided that this will be a personal post. Feel free to skip over it if you’re just looking for my ideas on how to approach business from a better way.

I turned in my notice at my job on Friday, August 5th. I have known for some time that my present job is not the best fit for me. Without going into details I’ll just say that the frustrations and stress of my current position have caused my blood pressure to skyrocket on a consistent basis, I’ve begun to experience severe headaches in conjunction with blood pressure spikes, and I’ve started having asthma attacks for the first time in my life.

Skye has been requesting that I leave for some time now. But me being me, I’ve ignored her very sound advice. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when the doctor explained the asthma attacks I’m starting to experience are due to work related stress. He then went on to say that my body is overwhelmed and that the consistently high blood pressure can KILL someone in their early 30’s, like I am, if it’s not addressed.

So I addressed my health issues by putting in my notice. And honestly, it feels like a 50 pound weight has been lifted off my chest. I can LITERALLY breath easier now. I’ve slept good for the past two nights, where as I don’t remember the last time I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night thinking / worrying about some aspect of my job.

So what are my plans?

I don’t exactly know. I have some ideas, but we’ll have to see how everything plays out.

My first thought is I’m going to look for some 3 to 6 month contract accounting positions. This will allow me to continue to support the family and will not tie me down to anyone spot. I want to have more control over my hours and my pay. Contract work will do both. To a greater extent I’ll be able to say whether or not I’m willing to work over time. Then if I do work over time I’ll earn overtime pay.

Also, by working contract positions I will not be giving the impression that I will be there for the long haul. That way when A Better Way of Business is up and running I can transition to that with out feeling I misled some organization about how long I’d be with them.

My second thought is I’m going to pour all my free time into getting A Better Way of Business fully operational (like the Deathstar baby!). Instead of watching TV, playing video games, or just lounging around with the family I’m going to make sure I’m dedicating my time to getting this business up and running.

So there you have it. I’m finally taking steps towards becoming the man God designed me to be. I’m excited. Scared, too, but mostly excited. I don’t know where this journey will leave me but I know I’m finally starting to go in the right direction.


About Ivan Bickett

I want to help people see that there is a better way to conduct business and life. If I can help, let me know.
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