How I increased my site traffic 255% in one week!

I really hope the title of this post got your attention, b/c it DEFINITELY got mine once I saw the stats. Please check out the screen shot of my page visits for the last several weeks (click picture to enlarge to see detail):

A Better Way of Business Page Views

So the big question I foresee is “How did you do that?” A lot of you already know. Some of you don’t. So I’ll tell you.

It’s simple.

I started posting five days a week.

Prior to last week, I regularly posted twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But if you go back to my first Friday Free Form you’ll see that by posting only two days a week I had more than a month’s worth of blog posts already written and waiting to be posted. Plus, I have 50+ blog topics I had yet to even write on. So in light of that I decided I had enough to say to increase the weekly number of posts from two to five.

Another source of encouragement to begin posting five days a week can be found in two shows over at Show 077 – Your Story: Greg Ng and Show 079 – Your Story: Gregg Pechmann. Both Greg and Gregg emphasize that part of what has led to their current level of success was blogging five days a week when they started. Both go on to explain that by blogging consistently and by putting out a large volume of content early, they later reaped the benefits of 1) being known due to a large volume of quality content and 2) the volume of early work helped them gain a secure foot hold in their desired niches.

So en-light of having a decent number of posts already written and hearing two men who are already successful both say that blogging five days a week when they started helped lead to their current success, I decided I would attempt to follow in their foot steps.

And even though my numbers may be relatively small, I still find the increase SIGNIFICANT. And I’m looking for even more visitors in the future!

So that’s it. If you want to increase your sites traffic significantly, BLOG MORE OFTEN!



About Ivan Bickett

I want to help people see that there is a better way to conduct business and life. If I can help, let me know.
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2 Responses to How I increased my site traffic 255% in one week!

  1. I love the see results like this from you, Ivan. You’re on your way to some big things!

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