Where are you investing?

No, this is not turning into a financial blog and I have NO IDEA how to get rich investing in the stock market (I hear dollar cost averaging and diversity are important, though).

I want to know where you are investing in your LIFE!

I’m about to describe to you a way of looking at life that has COMPLETELY revitalized and revolutionized (I hope that’s a word) how Skye and I view life and live it.

On page 55, of the revised edition, of 48 Days to the Work You Love, Dan Miller lays out “The Wheel of My Life”. This diagram consists of a seven piece pie in the center, surrounded by two concentric rings surrounding the pie.

The outside ring has: How will I be remembered? LEGACY: A Life well-lived

The inside ring has: Fulfillment of Purpose, Mission, Destiny, Calling.

The seven pieces of the pie are: Career, Financial, Social, Family, Physical, Personal Development, and Spiritual.

Over the last 2 years Skye and I have faced MAJOR challenges in our careers, with our finances, with our social-ability, in our families, and in our spiritual walk. Personal development is the one area we’ve been pretty consistent in.

And for the majority of that time we have both said, “If I can only get the ‘right’ job for me, everything will be better.” “If we can only save XXX number of dollars, everything will be ok.” “If we can only do ______ at church, everything will be ok.”

We have believed that if we were somehow able to make one area of our life PERFECT, we would then have ALL areas of our life PERFECT.

But this is not how life works.

Dan Miller explains “The Wheel of My Life” in a way that makes so much sense that neither Skye nor I can figure out how we didn’t understand this ourselves.

As I said, the center of “The Wheel of My Life” is a pie with seven pieces: Career, Financial, Social, Family, Physical, Personal Development, and Spiritual. These seven pieces make up the seven key areas that comprise each of our lives.

“The Wheel of My Life” is vital for having a well rounded life that will roll down life’s highway smoothly. But for a wheel to properly roll it needs to be shaped like a wheel. And the shape of “The Wheel of My Life” is determined by the health or deposits that have been made in seven distinct areas.

So as we all know, if a wheel is uneven, it will not roll properly. Our life is the same way. If there are parts of the seven areas of your life that are out of balance compared to the other areas your life won’t roll smoothly.

As an example, if your 5’s in all areas, but a 10 when it comes to your career, you’re life’s going to be out of balanced and you’re going to have issues. Maybe your family feels cheated b/c to reach a 10 in your career you’ve spent more time at work. Maybe your spiritual life is suffering b/c you stopped going to church so you could work more. The imbalance WILL affect your life.

Skye and I sat down and analyzed our lives at the end of 2010 and were shocked to see that we had a bunch of 2’s and 3’s. Some area’s we agreed were closer to a zero. And our thought pattern had been, “If we could only find a perfect job, making our career piece of the pie a 10, then EVERYTHING in our lives would be better.” But that’s just not true. We would have been even more imbalanced.

After coming across 48 Days to the Work You Love we decided to figure out how we could make improvements in ALL areas, to the best of our abilities. Our goal wasn’t to make any one area a 10 over night, but to bring ALL areas up by at least 1 point as soon as possible. So we took Dan’s advice and started making little deposits as frequently as possible to all the areas of our life.

And it’s worked. We still don’t have any 10’s in our lives, but we also don’t have any more 2’s and 3’s (or anything close to zero). We’ve realized that Dan Miller is a genius and if we want our lives to roll smoothly down the future’s highway they need to be balanced and we need to make deposits into all areas of our lives on a regular basis.

So I ask you, what areas of your life are imbalanced? What can you do to bring balance to your life? What small steps can you take TODAY to start putting deposits into the neglected areas of your life so you can live your life to the fullest?

And how can I help you succeed at this?


48 Days to the Work You Love

Dan Miller


About Ivan Bickett

I want to help people see that there is a better way to conduct business and life. If I can help, let me know.
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2 Responses to Where are you investing?

  1. familylifelearners says:

    So glad to hear the wheel was so beneficial for you! So often we look at just one area of unrest in our lives and hone in on that. In the process, we lose focus of all the other things. When work is frustrating, it’s not just your career that suffers – you may come to find out that your frustrations have carried over to your family, your social life has been depleted, and the morning rush of donuts and 6 gallons of coffee/sugar haven’t done much for you muscle tone.

    Every aspect of our lives is interconnected to the other areas – trying to separate them out is like trying to ride a car with only half a wheel – it just won’t roll!

    • Ivan Bickett says:

      Has it EVER helped!!! I pretty much tell EVERYONE about the wheel of life, b/c there are so many people out there who thought just like Skye and me, “If I only fix this one part of my life everything else will be better.” But you have to focus on the WHOLE, ALL of your life. Make SMALL deposits, CONSISTENTLY, over time and your life WILL be better. You’ll wake up one day and realize you are LIVING your dream life.

      Thanks for being an awesome and checking this out. And thanks for personally helping me out. I contacted someone today about getting my official site rolling, so you and I should be talking again soon.


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