Consistency Between Names

I worked with a client the other day who had several separate sites for their business. Although the business has been around for years, it is still in the early stages of development; that being said, multiple free sites are being used to cut back on costs. There’s a blog site, an online store, and a newer site that incorporates both a blog and an online store. The blog site and the online store both have the same name, however the newer site has a completely different name, so my client asked, “Should all my sites have the same name?”

I immediately responded, “Yes, they should. You want to build consistency and name recognition in your brand and it’s going to be almost impossible to do that if on one site you have one name and another site you have another name and maybe over here on this other blog you’re using a third name.”

For whatever goods or services you are trying to sell you want your name or your company’s name to pop into your customer’s head first! This is called Top Of Mind Awareness. In order to build this Top of Mind Awareness you need to have consistency in the message you’re promoting and thereby the name of your various sites.

Now that we’ve established that we need to have consistency between the names at the various sites, which name do we choose? Again, two of the sites have been around for few years and have the same name in the URL, the second site is much newer and has a different name that is intended to be a little catchier and a little more descriptive as to what the business does. Which to pick?

We decided to stick with the original name, but maybe not for the reason you first thought. In a case like this where one name has been used for years and the other is relatively brand new you might think to stick with the older name because it has been out there for a while. But this is not what drove the decision.

What drove the decision was the years worth of feedback data in the online store. As I said earlier, the business is still in the early stages of development and that’s because the business side of this equation has not been approached intentionally, it was the love of producing the goods that was approached intentionally. So the client has a a 100% positive customer feedback rating and is unwilling to trash all the years of meeting / exceeding customers’ expectations. And I don’t blame them.

The ultimate decision was made to stick with the original name for the business that has been around for several years, but to transition to the new site that has the blog and store in one location.

So remember, consistency in the name you are putting out to your customers and clients brings Top Of Mind Awareness, and TOMA brings more business.


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I want to help people see that there is a better way to conduct business and life. If I can help, let me know.
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