Look at how good looking he is!


That’s right. Today is his second birthday! The picture to the right is of him from just a couple weeks ago.

Anyone that knows me well knows there are three driving forces in my life right now.

1) Growing closer to Christ.

2) Being the best husband I can to Skye.

3) Being the best father I can to Alexander.

Today is the day we celebrate having Alexander with us for two years. As anyone who has kids knows, these two years have gone by in a blink of an eye.

It seems like only yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. I have honestly been SHOCKED at how quickly and how significantly Alexander has been able to get me to shift my priorities. Prior to his arrival I was primarily focused on my career. The day of his arrival my priorities had changed.

Alexander, about 4 months, and his dad.

Not only did I realize I wanted to spend every available moment with this awesome little man, but I also realized just how GREAT Skye is. Having Alexander actually helped me to realize just how deeply I love Skye and how much she means to me.

Alexander also helped me to realize I can’t do this on my own. I’ve been a Christian since November 6, 1997. I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t lived like a Christ follower most of that time. But having Alexander helped me to realize I’d just begun an adventure that I needed divine assistance with.

I thought being a father was going to be good, but what I’ve found out is I had NO IDEA just how GREAT it was going to be.

Thanks, God, for providing us with such a wonderful little boy. Thanks, Skye, for being part of this wonderful journey. And thank you, Alexander, for teaching me what it means to be a father.



About Ivan Bickett

I want to help people see that there is a better way to conduct business and life. If I can help, let me know.
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2 Responses to HAPPY BIRTHDAY…

  1. Jon White says:

    Ivan, thanks for sharing this. I can definitely relate, my son was born on July 10th and these 7 weeks have absolutely flown by! Becoming a parent has definitely shifted my priorities around and has made me appreciate my marriage to my wife even more.

    • Ivan Bickett says:

      Jon, that is AWESOME! Congrats on having your little boy! I always thought being a dad was going to be “good”, but I’ve been BLOWN AWAY by how GREAT it is. Skye and I had a great relationship before Alexander, but he’s come along and made it even better.

      And I really do try and use Alexander as a source of inspiration to do what it takes to make A Better Way of Business succeed. I want him growing up, seeing that his father started his own business, and maybe that will inspire him to set his own path to go down.

      Will he be an entrepreneur? No clue. Could he be an artist or a musician? I could DEFINITELY see that! He’s favorite past time is coloring. His second favorite is pushing the keys of the piano. He actual played the three individual notes of a chord the other day, WITHOUT US EVEN SHOWING IT TO HIM! Whatever he wants with his life, I want him to see that he can set his own path.

      I hope you and your wife have as great a time as Skye and I have over the next couple years!


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