What are you doing to draw attention?

Imagine this roaring through your neighborhood.

So I just got back from a walk around the “neighborhood”. I say it that way b/c I really walk out of the neighborhood and down this other road to a dirt road and turn around. It’s VERY nice. There’s a rather large cow pasture on one side (with only a few cows) and the rest of the way has woods lining the road. It’s overcast today, about to rain, with a nice breeze rustling through the tree tops. It made me smile thinking, “God sent this breeze just to cool me off and say, ‘I see you, my son. Keep walking this way.” It was VERY nice and relaxing.

Then I hear him.

He’s down the road a mile or two, but you can always hear him coming. It’s my neighbor from 3 doors down. I’ve never personally met him, but we hear him EVERY DAY. He’s the guy on the Harley. You know, the one where he removed the mufflers to make it EXTRA LOUD. Oh, and he does around 60 through the neighborhood. You know… where the speed limit is 15 and there’s ALWAYS kids playing in the street, but he likes to hear his Harley revved to the moon so he FLIES through the neighborhood regardless. Yeah, that’s who I hear coming.

I instantly start thinking bad thoughts when I hear the guy b/c he’s already disturbed my peaceful, rejuvenating walk with the obnoxious noise of his motorcycle.

And I ask God, “God, why did you have to let THIS GUY come by RIGHT now and RUIN this? Couldn’t you have made him come by some other time? Why can’t you just make him go away?”

I took another 20 steps or so as the guy comes ROARING past me and I’m just stewing. This guy and his stupid motorcycle REALLY get on my nerves.

And I ask myself, “What could God POSSIBLY expect me to learn from this guy? What?”

And I just felt this feeling of, “It [the noise] got your attention didn’t it?” And it did, it really did. And I realized, even before I could SEE the guy, I knew who it was.

And it made me think. What are you doing to draw attention to your business?

Are your out in the market pushing your business so hard that you are being like this Harley guy? Your potential customers are seeing you as loud and obnoxious and really just want you to shut up and go away?

Are you doing NOTHING to draw attention to your business and just hoping and praying that customers will somehow, magically find you and your products and want to buy them?

Have you even THOUGHT about this AT ALL?

Because I have to be honest and give the neighbor of mine some credit. I know a lot about him because of what he does to draw attention to himself. He loves his motorcycle because he’s driving through the neighborhood ALL THE TIME. He likes his bike loud, because you can tell he’s removed his mufflers. Maybe the loudness is even a safety feature because you can hear him coming from miles. And he gives off the air of being a little edgy because he’s always going so fast in a busy area.

So whether or not it’s the image he’s aiming for, my neighbor is DEFINITELY drawing attention to himself. What are you doing?


About Ivan Bickett

I want to help people see that there is a better way to conduct business and life. If I can help, let me know.
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