What do you do when life knocks you down?

This is how I've felt lately!

So lately I’ve had a series of rough days. It just seems like most the areas of my life are conspiring to kick my butt.

My car basically died so we got rid of it b/c it’d cost more to fix it than it’s worth, so now Skye and I have only one car. I just received a $479 power bill, and my house is 80+ degrees for that. It’s official our air conditioner is on it’s last leg, barely working, not repairable, needs to be replaced. My day job is challenging lately (this is a gross understatement). I’ve got a sinus infection that just won’t go away, even after two rounds of antibiotics. Alexander is cutting his two year molars, which apparently are kicking his butt. And Skye’s suffering from some recurring ENT issues.

And this isn’t an exhaustive list, but you get the picture. I’ve recently experienced a string of what I’d consider rough luck.

And I’ll be honest. All this CRAP has made me mad. I’ll go so far as to say I’ve been REALLY PISSED OFF lately. Frequently.

And I think it’s ok to get mad for a time when life knocks you down. And then keeps kicking you in the ribs while you’re down.

It’s just no fun.

But I started thinking today.

This is “normal”.

Not that bad crap has to happen ALL THE TIME.

Not that EVERYDAY has to suck b/c of life throwing its uglier side at you.

But that we ALL experience bad days. We all have things happen to us that we’d prefer didn’t. We all have a string of bad days.

And I’d say this is especially true when you’re just starting out on the path to owning your own business.

If you’re anything like me, you’re coming from the world of employee-dom and now your marching down the path of self employed-dom. This is a SIGNIFICANT change. Not only are you making a huge career change, from being bossed to being the boss, but you’re also going against what is considered “normal” by most folks. Which is the secure job, with the large employer, a 401k plan, and some health insurance.

Now, you’re saying you’ve recognized you have something of greater value to give to the world and you’re marching to your own tune.

And when you start down that path, you’re going to have some bad days. You’re going to worry about cash flow. You’re going to be concerned about where you’re going to find your next client. You’re going to have to DEAL with the upset customer, instead of handing them off to someone else.

You’re going to have some bad days.

But what hit me today is that how you handle yourself while experiencing these bad days is going to have a SIGNIFICANT impact on whether or not you succeed in business, or simply become another statistic adding to the number of small businesses that have closed their doors too soon.

It’s ok to get knocked down when life throws an uppercut your way. It’s ok to admit that last punch in the stomach REALLY HURT.

But what’s going to set YOU apart is whether or not you GET BACK UP or whether you stay down.

For me, I’ve realized that God hasn’t given me this desire to serve small businesses for only a week or month, but for the long haul. So that means that no matter how many times I get knocked down right now, I’m going to get back up. It may not be pretty, I may not want to, but for ME I have to stay in the fight.

What are YOU going to do when like knocks you down?


About Ivan Bickett

I want to help people see that there is a better way to conduct business and life. If I can help, let me know.
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