Are you excited?

I started typing this at 5:11 AM on a Saturday morning.

What time did excitement get YOU out of bed?

I’m surprised it didn’t happen much earlier seeming how I thought my alarm was about to go off, I mean I was just laying in bed wide awake and thinking the alarm was going to go off at any moment. After a few minutes, I’m very impatient, I got up and walked across the room to check my alarm clock. 3:39 AM. Yeah… I can’t get up that early. We have to drive to Macon this morning to pick something up, close to a two hour drive, I need SOME sleep!

So why am I awake so early? What could possibly cause me to miss out on some oh-so-precious-sleep???


OK. If that were typed how I just thought it (didn’t say it out loud because Alexander just whimpered in his sleep and I don’t want to wake him yet) it would be EXCITEMENT!

I am PUMPED RIGHT NOW! I had a hard time going to sleep last night. I woke up several times during the middle of the night. And I laid in bed waiting for my alarm to officially sound at 5:00 AM all because of EXCITEMENT!

And this has happened a couple days in a row now. And it’s happening more and more frequently.

So what’s got me excited?

A Better Way of Business. And all the things going on here. I’m excited that my first video blog was a huge success. WAY BIGGER than anything I expected. I’m excited about the relationships I’m building with people over the last few months. I’m excited about getting to get up and work on that oh-so-special-project I keep hinting about but haven’t divulged yet. And I’m excited by getting feed back that I am motivating other people to LAUNCH THEIR BUSINESSES!

Check out part of this feedback I received yesterday from Curtis Hollembeak from

I have been encouraged by your postings at FAA to go ahead and do something. Your energy has already motivated me. went live this week, and I too am excited about the possibilities.

It’s feedback like this from Curtis that erases any doubt as to whether or not I’m heading in the right direction. I read his comment last nigh a little before bed. I as tired, I’d had a long day, and I was ready to go to sleep. After reading his comment I could have run a marathon! OK, I could have walked a mile or two and then collapsed from asthma is more realistic, but STILL! You get my point. That comment got me EXCITED!

So I ask YOU! What’s got you excited? Are you so excited about your business idea that it keeps you awake at night? It wakes you up in the middle of the night because inspiration just hit? It can force you to get up early on a weekend morning so you can get started and devote focused time to it?

What is it?

Do you HAVE anything that gets you this excited?

I can tell you that this is new to me. This level of excitement isn’t normal for me. Yes, I get excited easy, and lose it just as fast. This is different. This is POWERFUL. This keeps me going when I want to throw in my towel and quit.

So I ask you again. What gets you THIS excited?



About Ivan Bickett

I want to help people see that there is a better way to conduct business and life. If I can help, let me know.
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4 Responses to Are you excited?

  1. Rob Clinton says:

    What gets me excited is seeing amazing people like get this excited and do incredible things with it! That’s awesome Ivan… I’m very excited for you, and know you’re going to do great things for people. Keep it coming… You inspire me…

  2. Ivan Bickett says:

    Rob! Thanks for the laugh man. You know the first time I read that I mentally inserted the word for you. Then I caught myself in the middle of the next sentence going, “Wait… I think I changed something in my head when I read that.”

    I REALLY appreciate the kind words. Especially the part about inspiring you. We need to have lunch again soon!


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