003 – How do I get so much done? Batch your work.

This is the second part of a two part series based around the question:

How do I get so much done?

I’ve been getting this question from friends, family members, clients, and people I’ve been interacting with online.

So let’s dive in:

Batch your work! By batching your work you allow your brain to focus in on a specific series of tasks. Thereby, you allow yourself to be more efficient while knocking out the similar tasks.

A big “Thank you!” goes out to Dan Miller and Justin Lukasavige for introducing me to this GREAT method for approaching work.



About Ivan Bickett

I want to help people see that there is a better way to conduct business and life. If I can help, let me know.
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14 Responses to 003 – How do I get so much done? Batch your work.

  1. Rose says:

    Dad said, “excellent”, and I second that. Keep up the good work, Ivan.

  2. Great message. It will help me to bring clarity to my to do list. I have had a tendency to overload my day with tasks and then spend it chasing rabbit trails. Your message hit home.

    • Ivan Bickett says:

      I’m right there with you, Scott. I keep saying there’s 1,000 things that needed to be done for A Better Way of Business by today and 2,000 that needed to be done 2 weeks ago!

      But by focusing on what’s important and then batching my work I’m getting done what needs to be done.

      Thanks for stopping by, Scott. If you don’t mind, how did you hear about me?


  3. Go, Ivan, go!

    I’m batching this morning.


    • Ivan Bickett says:

      I find it’s the best way! Other wise I get distracted and what should have taken 1 hour takes 3. And I don’t have time to waste!

      I saw you register that other name this morning. Made me smile. Keep rocking it, Curtis!


  4. Alana Mokma says:

    Ugh. This was a good kick in the pants. I get sidetracked SOOO easily. This blog reminded me of the tool my career coach shared with me to choose a few specific things I want to complete within a certain amount of time rather than just sitting down and feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. Thank you for the tip!

    • Ivan Bickett says:

      That’s kind of how I approach really busy days. I make a quick list of what needs to be accomplished. Then I start hammering away at each item until it’s completed. It makes an overwhelming day very manageable, and truth be told, I usually end up adding additional items to the list and still get it all done.

      Sorry I missed replying to this. I’m getting lax apparently!


  5. This is great info Ivan. It opened up my eyes to my current lack of progress is my current lack of batching work together.

    I found your blog/vlog through the Speak It Forward forum on 48 Days, and can say I am now as excited about giving video blogging anouther shot as you were about writing about it. Great job and great blog!

    • Ivan Bickett says:

      So glad I help get you excited, Cleveland! Just remember, one small step after another, consistently over time is a surefire way to get where you want to go.

      I’ve also found I learn CONSIDERABLY more by DOING THINGS then by setting around and thinking about them and reading about them. Action will uncover 100 different things you wouldn’t be likely to think about on your own.

      Thanks for stopping by, Cleveland. And thanks for letting me know how you found me. I’m always curious about that!


    • Ivan Bickett says:

      And Mr. Payne, I LIKE your site.

      If I may finish the line that had me laughing, “…GO JOE!”


    • Ivan Bickett says:

      Just thought, you going to be at the boot camp in October?


  6. Alana Mokma says:

    I have “batching” all day today and it really works! Typically on a Saturday, I try to clean and tidy up our house. I usually get distracted by various projects along the way… I see a pair of shoes that need to be put away…. dirty clothes that need to be taken to the laundry room… bills that haven’t gotten paid. USUALLY I allow myself to get sidetracked and stop what I am doing to work on the next project. NOT TODAY! I wrote down a list of 4 things I wanted to complete by 12:30. I worked on ONLY those 4 things. I was finished by 12:15. Then I wrote down ANOTHER 4 things and worked on those and so on. I have completed so much more today than I usually do, it is amazing. On top of this, I actually feel satisfaction because I have been crossing items off the list as they get completed and then I can go back and see that I am accomplishing my goals. Thank you for sharing this tip. The hardest part has been telling myself “no” to all the distractions that I see that are crying out for my attention. The way that I have overcome this is by asking, “Is it on the list?” (no.) “Okay, then I can’t do that right now.”

    • Ivan Bickett says:

      THIS got me excited when I saw it this weekend! You took something I talked about, applied it to your life, and had some AWESOME RESULTS! This got me JAZZED! I REALLY appreciate you sharing this success story with us!

      I’m going to write a post about it!


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