What’s my motivation?

After lying in bed for 45 minutes WIDE AWAKE, I finally got up and took a shower. I originally thought I was too tired to take my evening shower, but apparently not.

I’m wide awake due to two things. 1) I had caffeine with dinner (it keeps me up at night if I have it after 2PM). and 2) My mind is racing a million miles an hour with ideas for blog posts. So I need to get some of them out.

One of the thoughts that I keep having lately is, “What’s my motivation?” “Why do I want to start A Better Way of Business?” “Is my reason strong enough to carry me through the difficult times that I know lay ahead?”

I don’t have exact answers for all those questions. At least not the short, sweet, one sentence answers that many experts might say you should be able to give. But I have ideas feelings and beliefs.

Allow me to explain part of what I mean and give you an answer to “What’s my motivation.”

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I read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber probably around six years ago. I was fascinated by his story of how he became involved in helping small businesses. I loved his discussions on the “entrepreneurial seizure”, “the technicians”, and why you need to “work on your business vs in it”. I loved the idea of putting systems in place so your process is repeatable by others so you don’t have to be there every minute of every day.

I remember thinking only a few chapters in, “I WISH I could do this!” I wanted to help small businesses transform from the worst job you’ve ever had (and the lowest paying) to the business you dreamed of when you first started. I wanted to help people start a business in the RIGHT way so they could avoid the pain of mistakes and possible failure down the line.

I dreamed of doing this.

And that’s all I did.

Me, being me, I analyzed the CRAP out of the idea and thought of 100, may several hundred, reasons why I could NEVER do it.

So I talked myself out of it. I crushed my inner spirit and desire to try it.

I put the book with all its highlights, pen marks, and written notes in the margins and at tops and bottoms of pages back on my book shelf and forgot about it.

Then came the pivotal time when Skye told me to put up or shut up with regards to starting a business. I decided I WOULD start a business, but didn’t know what.

I thought long and hard. I asked others what they thought (people who knew a lot about me and how I’m wired).

Professor teaching - Courtsey Inmagine

The spark came when Skye pointed out that the only job I’ve ever enjoyed was teaching. I LOVED helping students learn. I got a THRILL from standing in front of the class talking. I got a RUSH from sharing with others what I had in my head. And I can think of few things as satisfying to me as the point in time when you’re looking into someone’s eyes and you see that they FINALLY GET IT!

So I, or should I say we, decided that teaching should be a part of my business. The only issue is I didn’t and don’t want to teach for a school. There’s numerous reasons for this, but that’s for another discussion.

So how can I take the aspects of teaching that made teaching GREAT to me and apply them to a business?

I could take the aspects of teaching that I loved and combine them with what I saw Michael Gerber do in E-Myth!

A Better Way of Business was born.

I could help people take the idea they have and turn it into a business that functions properly from the get go. I could help the business owner who has created the worst job they’ve ever had, with the longest hours and lowest pay, and show that person how to turn their creation into a successful business. I could share knowledge that I have, with others, to benefit them. I could speak to groups of people who are all wanting to start a business, and thereby get the experience of standing in front of others sharing. I could work one on one with people and witness first hand the spark of recognition when they GOT IT!

It is the best of both worlds.

It is what motivates me to take one step after another in the direction I am sure success lies.

It is why A Better Way of Business exists.



About Ivan Bickett

I want to help people see that there is a better way to conduct business and life. If I can help, let me know.
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8 Responses to What’s my motivation?

  1. Good morning Ivan, nice blog, I pray everyday for the Lord to give me Eyes and knowledge to see opportunities before me and to make the most of them. it wasn’t by chance our paths crossing. I see opportunity for the both of us. I’m your customer now.

    • Ivan Bickett says:


      So glad you stopped by! That’s a GREAT prayer! Skye and I were talking this weekend, if you start looking for a thing, whether a certain car, opportunities, or a certain type of flower, you will “magically” start seeing what you’re looking for all over the place. Why? B/c you’re training your mind to see what you’re looking for. Keep praying. God WILL open your eyes constantly to see what is right in front of you.

      And let me know how I can help! We can both jump on any issue you have with both feet!


  2. Ivan, the E-Myth book has also heavily influenced my thinking. I remember 2 years ago when I was working at the Rockford UPS hub from like 10:00 at night to 2:00 in the morning, I would take that book with me in my pocket to read at break time. I wasn’t reading it because I was interested in helping others build a business, I was reading it because I desperately wanted to know how to start my own successful business so I would never again be forced to work such terrible hours in such terrible weather for low pay just because I liked to eat. I realized that I am definitely the “technician,” and I needed to learn how to work “on” a business, not “in” a business. Hence, I am now sacrificing to put myself through Free Agent Academy. I would love to use your services if I were near you and could afford to pay you.

    Keep at it. You’re doing great!

    • Ivan Bickett says:

      I’m SO glad you’ve read that book and found value in it. I’ve talked to SEVERAL people who have NEVER heard of it, which just blows me away. I mean I find it important, are you telling me you don’t?!?!? BWAHAHAHA

      Sorry for that. Goes to show that I fall prey to the whole, “Doesn’t everyone think like me?” mindset.

      Two ways we can get around any distance issues. 1) Skype and 2) Google + Both are free and both allow you to video chat. We could email documents back and forth or I can give you access to my Dropbox online for larger files.

      In terms of pay, I know your financial situation is tight. Keep in mind, I offer a free consultation to first time clients to verify we’re a great match. Once we determine whether or not we’re a good fit we can discuss pricing.

      Shoot me an email, I’d love to setup a talk with you. abetterwayofbusiness@gmail.com.


  3. Alana Mokma says:

    I realize this is totally off topic from the original post, but you make an interesting point about the vicinity of your location to Ivan’s. Assuming you had the money, would you hire Ivan? My husband and I recently hired a career coach. We live in Michigan; he lives in Georgia. I was a little unsure how it would work out, but we used Skype and were able to interact face-to-face. It was ALMOST as good as the real thing. 🙂 Anyway, this just popped out to me as a possibility for Ivan to grow his business. Ivan, you may have already had this thought, especially since you are already experimenting with video blogs, but exploring the opportunity to Skype with your clients will throw wide the doors to a world (literally) of clients that you can meet with. We hired Kent because he was recommended by Dan Miller, but if we were not able to utilize Skype or another form of video-conferencing software, we would not have considered hiring him.

    • Ivan Bickett says:

      You have no clue how awesome I think this comment is! It shows me the community building at A Better Way of Business is starting to grow! That makes me SO EXCITED!

      Thanks for jumping in and throwing out the option of Skype, Alana. Great minds… think a like!

      And I’m REALLY looking forward to meeting you, Josh, AND Kent this October at the Speak it Forward Boot Camp. CAN’T WAIT!


  4. Chris Sutton says:

    So caffeine really works on you, eh Ivan?

    I am working with Ivan as well and live in Nevada. The internet is a primo tool.


    • Ivan Bickett says:

      Yeah, caffeine after 2PM and I’ll be up past midnight, regardless of how tired I am. Didn’t used to be like this, started when i was 25 or so.

      Our working relationship is a great example of taking advantage of technology!


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